Team Recognition through People

Team Recognition through People

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This is the 5th issue in our white paper series. Ultimately the success and sustainability of the TPM process will largely revolve around the degree and extent of Management Commitment and their Visible and Pro-active Support.

The Roll Out process builds on experience gained during the Pilot Process to ensure that the four development Milestones of MS1- Introduction, MS 2- Refine Best Practice and Standardise, MS3 -Build Capability and MS4-Strive for Zero Losses, becomes a reality.   In this final edition we look at:

  • Team Recognition through People
  • The TPM Infrastructure Model
  • Alignment of the 4 Milestones with the 7 Steps of Autonomous Maintenance
  • Emphasising the Teamwork between Operators & Maintainers
  • Some Final Thoughts

Visit our TPM section for more information on what TPM is, and how we implement it, along with our Total Productive Maintenance workshop page.