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Martin Reese


I registered my first domain in the 90s and since then I’ve revelled in the ever-changing world of digital media and online services. I love the fact that this environment constantly delivers new challenges and technologies. My role is to ensure that S A Partners more than meets its objectives, is globally competitive, and always stays ahead of the curve by utilising this environment in the most effective way. This means always learning new & emerging technologies that enable us to continue to deliver a first-class service to our clients wherever they may be. As Harley King wrote, ‘What is new today will be forgotten tomorrow’.

I have worked with a disparate array of sectors which has included government, tourism, retail, manufacturing and construction, and all have brought their own challenges and differing requirements and targets from their on-line presence and goals.

Web frameworks, SEO, SME, Pull/Push Marketing, Re-marketing, Multimedia Marketing, Content Strategy, user engagement/retention, CRM integration, Google AdWords, Google Cloud CDN, Usability, Accessibility, CMS, Adaptive Technology, Intelligent Marketing, E-Commerce, Information management, Office 365, SharePoint, Systems Analysis, Business Process Management, WordPress development, Social Media Management

Currently Researching:
User Behaviour Tracking, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains, Motion UI, Accelerated Mobile Pages

Outside work

I live in South Wales and have a passion for rugby, cycling, music and art.