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Brad Jeavons

Brad Jeavons is an organisation improvement leader who helps organisations improve and achieve Enterprise Excellence using today’s best practices.  

Working with organisations across multiple sectors, he specifically focuses on the sales, customer experience, marketing, operations and supply chain functions with an eye to enhancing their top line and bottom-line performance whilst reducing their environmental and safety impact.

Brad is a Black Belt certified trainer and coach in Lean Six Sigma, as well as being an Agile Education Program Trainer.  He coaches individuals and teams across all organisational levels so they can define their approach to continuous improvement, cultural empowerment and on-going commitment to achieve results.

His is dedicated to creating a better future economically, socially and environmentally for future generations, which is why he hosts the Enterprise Excellence Podcast, Community and YouTube Channel.   By sharing knowledge from our world’s experts and promoting a community of like-minded people, he is able to help organisations find and sustain their continuous improvement journeys.

Brad is an award-winning author, and his recent book “Agile Sales” explores how to apply Agile to the Sales and Marketing functions in order to amplify customer experience and business performance.