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Dave Cataldi


  • Worked primarily in the automotive supply chain and the plastics sector in the U.S., Mexico and the EU for companies like GM, Textron, Jason, Inc and Misumi Group.
  • Have a B.E. in Industrial Engineering with post graduate work in Business.
  • I am experienced in transforming business cultures to drive significantly improved performance and employee engagement.
  • Coached and mentored teams and senior leaders to improve company performance and to develop future leaders.
  • Launched a lean manufacturing initiative while at Jason, leveraging TBM in doing so.
  • Joined S A Partners as an associate in November 2022, after retiring from my last role as President at PCS Company


  • Spent over 40 years in manufacturing businesses, the last 20+ years as a business leader.
  • Extensive experience in transforming business cultures and coaching and managing future leaders.

About Me….personally

  • Live in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI with my wife of 25 years
  • Have a son and a daughter. My son is in investment banking in the Detroit area and my daughter is in her senior year at the University of Dayton, She has accepted a job as a consultant with Deloitte which she will start this summer.
  • My wife is a successful Executive Coach.
  • I enjoy reading, golfing, and spending time in northern MI with my family.