The 12 Hau's of Improvement
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The 12 Hau’s of Improvement

How do you create cross functional improvement?

Firstly you need to develop functional improvement

How do you develop functional improvement?

You need to create functional responsibilities

How do you create functional responsibilities?

You need to understand your vision and cascade that into the organisation

How do you cascade into the organisation?

Via key business processes, roles and responsibilities, targets and measures

How do you ensure people buy into your vision?

Develop ideal behaviours for leader’s managers and associates

How do you develop ideal behaviours?

Behaviours that can be described, observed and recorded and deliver your results?

How would you make sure work is completed as required?

Develop standard work around the key business activities

How would you ensure people know how to do this work?

Develop competency frameworks that link to standard work and ideal behaviours

How do you improve what you have?

Train people in appropriate problem solving skills as per their role

How do you manage escalations?

Develop a management process that manages escalations

How do you improve this?

Develop a coaching culture, manage at the point of activity, and speed up your problem resolution times

Ok….so back to my question…How do you develop cross functional problem solving?

You just have!

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