Thought Leadership in the area of Lean Culture Webinar download

Over a twelve months period, we collected two sets of data, observational and psychometric, on over 250 middle and senior level international managers from within progressive organisations intent on making business improvement work. Our research has taken an innovative slant, looking at the effect on sustainable improvement of the type of conversations that managers hold with their people.

Kevin Eyre, former Managing Consultant at S A Partners LLP , hosted a Webinar aimed at detailing the research described above. If you are interested to know more about why and how we conducted our research and what the implications of it are watch the Webinar.  For further information contact Martin Reese, and download our corporate brochure below.

This webinar, lead by Kevin Eyre, discusses the above, and covers the following:

  1. Why the research was carried out
  2. Our hypothesis
  3. Our goal
  4. Our research
  5. Our findings
  6. Examples
  7. Applying the research.
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