TPM Book Launch for 2020

view of audience

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch for the TPM book at two venues for 2020. The first is the University of Birmingham on 7th Febraury, followed by the 20th February  at SPI Lasers, where both events will be free to attend. This is an ideal opportunity to chat to the book authors.

The new ‘must-have’ book from industry leading Lean consultants Peter Willmott, Andy Brunskill and John Quirke is based on previews by industry leaders and is set to become a foundational text for every manufacturer and utility provider interested in improving the performance of their physical assets.

Praise from reviewers was unanimous:

“This book will become a reference on how it should be done.  A paradigm shift to Total Productive Manufacturing that is long overdue.”

Greg Julich, Director Global Reliability, Pfizer Inc, USA

“I know of no other publication on TPM that comes close to the scope, detail and practical utility of this book, that is likely to become THE standard text on the topic.”

John Bicheno, Prof. of Lean Enterprise, University of Buckingham, UK

 “The book provides a road map for success with practical guidance and first-hand case studies that help bring the model to life.”

Michael Hempton, Moy Park, UK

The book outlines a tried and tested 11 Step model which will support any organisation deliver an excellent TPM programme.  Through the case studies interspersed throughout, the authors observed that those companies that successfully deployed TPM and sustained excellence were those that demonstrated a number of key mind-sets – all of which are outlined in the book.  This includes illustrating how TPM can align with the systems thinking and ideal behaviors implicit in the Shingo Model™

What sets this book apart is the focus on how to engage all employees in the TPM cycle of improvement, not just the maintenance team or engineering.  It is a foundational system that should be at the heart of every manufacturing and utility operation as it provides the reliability and stability required for successful and profitable value adding performance.

The book also acknowledges that the digital and technologically driven Industry 4.0 revolution is just an important enabler and that it is the individual and team skills that will continue to make the  difference.