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TPM Book Launch Resources

Many thanks for all those who attended the TPM book launch at Birmingham last week. Below are the slides used on the day, along with a video done by Peter Willmott on OEE along with other TPM resources made available.

Book Launch Slides

Download the presentation slides from the book launch

A day in the life with 60% OEE

Peter Willmott explains what can happen on a typical shift in an organisation that doesn’t imploy Total Productive Maintenance.

The TPM 11 step process, Cycle 4

Andy Brunskill talks through cycle 4 of the 11 step TPM program

The TPM 11 step process, Cycle 1 - 3

Andy Brunskill takes you through the 11 step process, cycle 1 to 3.

Definition of TPM

Peter Willmott gives an explanation of what TPM is and how it can improve business performance.

Typical Benefits Gained Implementing TPM

With an increase in OEE from 54% up to 70%, this TPM case study highlights the impact this has on productive capacity and product quality.

Issue No: 1

Is the Effectiveness of your Equipment Assets your Weakest Link?

Issue No: 2

What can the TPM Best Practice bring to the Operational Excellence Table?

Issue No: 3

How the TPM system model uses the Enterprise Excellence Model to deliver long lasting and sustainable TPM results.

Issue No: 4

The ‘Pinch-Point’ Solution for Delivering Operational Excellence

Issue No: 5

The success and sustainability of the TPM process and how Management Commitment and their Visible and Pro-active Support plays it's part

Issue No: 6

In this 6th edition of our TPM series, we look at 'How do you measure success in TPM?'

Issue No: 7

Applying TPM to different Sectors & their specific Production Facilities

Issue No: 8

Applying TPM to different Sectors & their specific Production Facilities

To take the maintenance assessment exercise you will need to fill out the questions on the Maintenance Assessment Form from the link below. Once completed, you will get your Benchmark Score and can compare with all ranges.

Please rank each of the 10 statements on the following form from the link below, as follows:

Very True / Strongly Agree = 3

True / Agree = 2

Partially True / Partially Agree = 1

Not True / Disagree = 0

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