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Total Productive Maintenance: A Foundation for Operational Excellence

Titled Total Productive Maintenance, a foundation of Operational Excellence within the emerging world of Industry 4.0, this book will provide 5 essential outputs:

  • TPM Book coverProvide a practical guide of how to deliver sustainable benefits using the TPM enabling system
  • Show how TPM can deliver your own Company’s vision, values and aspirations by positioning TPM as a foundational element of Sustainable Operational Excellence
  • Illustrate how TPM can align with systems thinking and ideal behaviours implicit in the Shingo Model™
  • Recognise that the digital and technologically driven Industry 4.0 revolution is just an enabler and that it is our people who will continue to make the difference
  • Understand the likely resource commitments of People, Money and Time of running your own in- house TPM Program & how to prepare a compelling cost / benefit business case.