TPM, the Foundation for Operational Excellence

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The much awaited book for Total Productive Maintenance written by Peter Willmott, John Quirke and Andy Brunskill is now out, and is already exceeding expectation. You can purchase the book on Amazon Titled Total Productive Maintenance, a foundation of Operational Excellence within the emerging world of Industry 4.0. The book provides the following 5 essential outputs:

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  • Provide a practical guide of how to deliver sustainable benefits using the TPM enabling system
  • Show how TPM can deliver your own Company’s vision, values and aspirations by positioning TPM as a foundational element of Sustainable Operational Excellence
  • Illustrate how TPM can align with systems thinking and ideal behaviours implicit in the Shingo Model™
  • Recognise that the digital and technologically driven Industry 4.0 revolution is just an enabler and that it is our people who will continue to make the difference
  • Understand the likely resource commitments of People, Money and Time of running your own in- house TPM Program & how to prepare a compelling cost / benefit business case.

The book is aimed at 3 target areas within a particular Business Enterprise, and these are The Continuous Improvement & Engineering Specialists,  the Business Leadership Team and the  ‘Practitioners’ at the sharp-end of that Business Enterprise to use the TPM System as the bottom up ‘enabling tool’ to help deliver the company’s business drivers , vision, values and culture.

A while ago, we published a series of TPM white papers to help readers gain a better appreciation that TPM is often a fundamental foundation of Operational Excellence and as such, is a key enabler to deliver the principles underpinning your own Company’s vision and aspirations, or for example- helping to deliver the principles embedded in the Shingo model.

Its aim was also help readers be better able to assimilate the likely resource commitments of People, Money and Time of running your own in- house TPM Program & how to prepare a compelling Cost / Benefit business case.

You can still download and read this series of articles by following the links below:

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