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Transform Model: Coach

What is the system going to achieve?

To stimulate the ideal behaviours necessary for the organisation to deliver its improvement journey.

How will this be achieved?

  • Develop behaviours to stimulate the necessary changes in the improvement journey.
  • Develop skills of coaches and willingness of individuals to be coached.
  • Develop individual expectations and accountability to enable coaching conversations.
  • Visualise the process and ensure ideal behaviour can be observed, described and recorded.

Why would you do this?

To maximise the people potential via the continual development of ideal behaviour.

image of person with headings around for coaching
Coaching MOdel

Mike Cox, formerly General Manager at Vale in Swansea, now Head of UK & Asia Refineries, talks about coaching as part of their CI journey towards winning a Shingo Prize.

Ron Harper talks about how coaching was an integral part of their CI journey, and how S A Partners carried this process out.

Enterprise Excellence Model

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