UK Industrial Strategy for Life Science

Life Science Building Industrial Strategy cover image

Breaking News for January 2017

The UK Life Sciences sector is being prioritised under the Industrial Strategy Green Paper issued by the government in January 2017. Work is commencing on a new strategy to make the UK the best place in the world to invest in life sciences.

The Green Paper states that the UK Government is looking for businesses to collaborate with other stakeholders, such as universities and local leaders to produce a clear proposal for boosting the productivity of their sector, setting out detailed plans to address challenges such as:

  • delivering upgrades in productivity, including in supply chains;
  • promoting competition and innovation;
  • facilitating long term investment and coordination between suppliers and primes;
  • accelerating growth across the value chain, including by identifying where the greatest value can be gained from technology development and investment;
  • developing and growing the strengths of particular clusters;
  • increasing exports; and looking at how we can use trade and investment deals to help the sector;
  • commercialising research across sectors;
  • boosting skills and the number of high value, high productivity jobs.

For information on how S A Partners can help support these objectives – particularly in relation to productivity and value chain management, contact our Head of Life Sciences SectorJohn Quirke.