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Useful resources on Covid-19

Here are a list of useful resources that should help you cope with the crisis a lot better. We have split these into two parts, information and Inspiration.


Gaining better understanding about COVID19

These are resources that give you a better understanding of what’s actually going on, from health to financial markets and economic outlook.

Covid-19 Advice & Guidance for Manufacturers by John Quirke of S A Partners

Goldman Sachs research and insights relating to Covid19

Rated as one of the best investment podcasts. It sometimes presents fairly controversial points of view. The Investor’s Podcast dedicates its recent release to COVID-19. *Recommended*

Why COVID-19 is hitting us now – and how to prepare for the next outbreak?, by Alanna Shaikh

Bill Gates predicted the pandemic two year ago. But nobody listened. 25 million people have watched this Ted Talk

Podcast by Mark Graban on Gemba Academy that explains some very basic aspects of Covid19 from a health point of view


Improve your psychological well-being in dealing with Covid-19

Convert the crisis into a gift by Shirzad Chamine. *Recommended*

Happiness Lab Podcasts: A series of podcasts with practical suggestions on how to coach yourself through Covid-19 by Dr Laurie Santos of Yale University. Dr Laurie 8 special episodes on Covid-19. *Recommended*

Checking-in Podcast: Susan David, psychologist at Harvard Medical School talks about managing fear and panic during uncertain times.

Free online course at University of Pennsylvania. Resilience Skills in a Time of Crisis.

Simon Sinek explains why Covid-19 is an opportunity, if you approached it as one.

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