Webinar: Creating a Culture of CI in Financial Services

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Lean and continuous improvement is not a new concept for Financial Services. Many organisations have been using Lean tools and techniques for years, but how sustainable is it as an approach and is the common approach to Lean really moving the needle towards Enterprise Excellence and business improvement?

This webinar provides an overview of practical steps that any organisation can take to support the creation of a sustainable Lean culture. It will provide ideas on how you can change the way you approach lean deployment and employee engagement in Continuous Improvement.

It will address some of the key challenges organisations face, drawing on insights from the award-winning book about Continuous Improvement in Financial Services “4+1”, the Shingo model (a world-renowned model that supports Enterprise Excellence) and practical experience.

This webinar looks at:

  • How to apply Lean in Financial Service Organisations
  • Why we need to adapt our approach to change hearts and minds
  • Understanding the importance of principles and behaviours in creating a Lean organisation
  • How to drive a CI culture: Use of habits to embed a culture of continuous improvement
  • The role of leadership in facilitating cultural change