Webinar: Essence of Excellence – A Sneak Preview

In this webinar, Prof Peter Hines will be providing a sneak preview of the results of the extensive research that he has carried out along with Chris Butterworth. The results of the research will be published in a new book called ‘The Essence of Excellence’ later in the year.

In this webinar Prof Peter Hines will be providing:

  1. An insight into what the best lean companies are doing
  2. Help you benchmark where you are against the best
  3. Provide a framework for your own thinking
  4. Provide some motivation for your future lean journey

In terms of their findings they have concluded that:

  • The very best organisations have bridged the gap between excellent technical lean and excellent people management and created a platform for sustainable change.
  • They have left tools to be the very last thing to be considered and focused on creating a culture of Improvement.
  • Their key to this appears to be:
    • Driving their businesses according to a set of Guiding Principles or Values and
    • Delivering this through a series of Core Operating Systems
  • Within this, the key importance of twinning what we term Behavioural Deployment with existing Strategy Deployment and using this to drive both behavioural and technical improvement
  • The role of the senior managers is critical especially in leading this culture change through Leader Standard Work
  • Additionally the importance of moving beyond the rhetoric and turning their organisations into continual learning machines

To view the webinar, click the download webinar link and follow the instructions in the PDF document.