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Webinar Series: Business Continuity Planning

We recognise that business continuity planning has become critical in the current unprecedented environment, and we know that many of our customers are moving their teams to home working where possible.

To help you adapt and hopefully thrive during the weeks ahead, we wanted to make you aware of some of the support we would like to offer.  We are making our consultants available so you can ask them questions around any concern you may have through a schedule of free webinars we will be running in a weeks time.

Not only will they be talking you through some of the critical issues, but will be avaiable for questions at the end through a Q&A session.

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Coaching Leaders to Manage Change:
Building resilience will support both you and your teams steer a course during the upcoming weeks and months. The current situation has occurred rapidly and has had a significant impact on individuals, their families and the organisations in which they work.

essence of excellence book cover

Prof. Peter Hines

Essence of Excellence with Prof Peter Hines
What separates the really great from the merely good organisations? The answer lies not in what you see, or the tools people use, but in the feel, the pure essence of these organisations. It is the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion for excellence. What these sites do have is a set of Principle-led Behaviours, effective Core Operating Systems and a sustainable approach. In this webinar with the Author of the award-winning book The Essence of Excellence, Peter will share how we can take guidance from these companies to define how we respond to the current market challenges and how we might respond from the current market upheaval with renewed focus.

Problem Solving & Scenario Mapping
“Help! Our new way of working isn’t working!” We are starting to hear that from our clients, our partners, and our network. Let our expert trainers deliver rapid problem solving skills to allow you to frame problems effectively and focus on breaking barriers and improving flow.

Optimising & Maintaining Critical Assets
Rapidly changing demands, resource and supply constraints will add enormous pressure on assets. Join Andy Brunskill, author of TPM: A foundation for Operational Excellence for guidance on how we can rapidly optimise assets and maintain them during this dynamic environment.

A3 Problem Solving
Lean management is about asking questions and trying things with the goal of learning about a process and understanding gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.

Lean = Learn

The A3 management tool can be used to facilitate that learning, clarify thinking, and foster communication within your organization. This session describes how to rapidly adopt the A3 tool to solve problems during these unique and challenging times.

Leader Standard Work – Creating Stability in Uncertain Times
In uncertain times it is more important than ever to create stability. Leader Standard Work is about creating accountable, consistent, repeatable leadership at all levels in your organisation. During this webinar, Robin Jaques will share how you can deploy this rapidly within your company. This WebEx is designed to give you some insights and tools you can use immediately.

Servant Leadership
Understand the fundamentals of Servant Leadership which is the foundation of the Blanchard Leadership Programme. This world-renowned approach to management will provide you with an understanding of how to develop excellent managers capable of supporting and leading teams during uncertain times.

Leading Change

Building resilience will support both you and your teams steer a course during the upcoming weeks and months. The current situation has occurred rapidly and has had a significant impact on individuals, their families and the organisations in which they work. Phil Spooner will draw on his experience as one of our senior consultants and share how clearly defining how you respond as a leader will determine how your company will perform over coming weeks and months.

Leadership is the power to inspire others, ensuring they are focused on the critical tasks and activities required to ensure business continuity. This Webinar is designed to give you insights and tools that you can use immediately

Beyond Lean: Towards Behaviour Based Improvement

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar where we will look at the future of sustainable Enterprise Excellence through investing in people development and behavioural based change.  Join us if you would like to understand how to put people at the centre of your programmes for operational improvement and efficiency in order to drive sustainable change; and learn how to make lean and continuous improvement sustainable. 

To find out more, please email Ailsa Carson.

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