What does it mean to be Lean & Green? Podcast

image of Keivan Zokaei

Listen to this great podcast by Dr Keivan Zokaei on what it means to be Lean and Green, and what the circular economy can learn from it. In this episode produced by In The Loop, they dive into the world of lean thinking with our expert Dr. Keivan Zokaei who is a partner at S A Partners, and head of Financial Services. In this episode you learn about what it means to be lean and green, diving into the Japanese roots of lean thinking and exploring what you can learn from the concept when it comes to the circular economy.


4:30 What is lean? What does it mean to be lean?
9:00 What does it mean to be lean and green – and why do initiatives fail?
15:00 Saving resources and money: examples of lean and green from practice
30:00 The most overlooked part of circular economy