What we do: a quick guide

Our commitment is to transform organisations enabling them to maximise their effectiveness and people potential.

As an organisation we live and breathe our brand promise of ‘Together, the power to improve‘ with both our customers and our own team.

How do we do it?

We assess organisational maturity and create roadmaps that signpost how future state visions can be achieved. We specialise in Leadership development, systems consultancy, improvement coach programmes and programme management. Our consultants and partners are all trained in our latest award winning thinking, using the Investors In People Model as a standard for our development. All our materials, training and coaching is delivered by approved practitioners accredited through Cardiff University, The Shingo Institute, CPD, Blanchard and Soundwave.

Organisational Transformation

Each section of the Improvement Journey model is assessed in order to conduct a thorough diagnostic of your current state and create a roadmap that enables you to realise your future goals. [Read more…]

enterprise excellence model

The Enterprise Excellence Assessment provides insights on the current maturity of your organisation by benchmarking against recognised Enterprise Excellence principles and practices. [Read more…]

Transform Model

We transform organisations though a blend of our consulting skill and structured offerings. We assess your current situation, and deliver training and coaching to your people, which together solves issues you are setting out to eliminate. [Read more…]

Programme Management: Is improvement delivered on time and in budget? A framework for high level resource and programme management, it ensures resources are used at their optimum, balancing the elements of ‘Together, the power to improve’. [Read more…]

Improvement is delivered through:

leadership development model

Leadership Programme: Can your leaders lead? Delivered by accredited professionals and incorporate best practice from our international partners: Cardiff University, Blanchard; The Shingo Institute; and, Soundwave. [Read more…]

Systems Excellence Consulting: Have you the required systems? Ensuring there are systematic and standard ways of working so that everyone in the organisation is clear on what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how it contributes to deliver the goals and targets of the strategy. [Read more…]

improvement model

Improvement Coach Programme: Can your people drive improvement? We train people in the theory, coach individuals in the practice and deliver benefits for the organisation. It combines 1:1 coaching, self reflection and measurable evidence of  the practical application of improvement, based on the 70-20-10 learning philosophy. [Read more…]

learning management system logo

Learning Management System. Provides a framework to track, candidate, cohort, department and organisational learning and development. It has the ability to track benefits, report on progress and manage candidate lifelong accredited and role based development.

organisational transformation logo
Organisational Transformation
Leadership development logo
Leadership Development
Systems consulting logo
Systems Excellence Consulting
Improvement coach programmes logo
Improvement Coach Programmes

Case Studies

Case studies from various sectors highlighting successful improvement projects in varying organisations in different countries.

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