What will our future working environment be like?

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Dr Keivan Zokaei took part in the ‘Lunch with Mairi’ series recently which are virtual thought leadership events launched by Mairi Macintyre, Associate Professor at WMG.

In this episode, Keivan, along with Chris Buckell of Babcock International discuss the impact of Covid, and how the current pandemic will change the way we will work and interact in working environments.

The three-week Lunch with Mairi programme includes daily in-depth conversations with senior leaders and influencers from industry and academia who make important, impactful decisions during crisis scenarios. Episode 5 sees a Continuous Improvement Professional, and a Partner/Head of Financial Services talk to Mairi together about current challenges, leadership style and progress in the context of COVID-19.

Speakers share the insights, expertise and rationales underpinning their approach to decision making during difficult and uncertain situations, drawing on experiences both in the current climate and during previous key moments in their respective organisations.

Senior leaders from across aerospace, travel, entertainment, electricity and gas, finance and education sectors will be heading up the sessions and providing an insight into specific business challenges, reactions to unexpected events, critical decision making and predictions for the future.