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Where Is Quality?

John Quirke 

April 29th, 2024



Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer in quality management, introduced a transformative philosophy that emphasized a holistic approach to quality improvement. His principles, commonly known as “Deming’s 14 Points,” have become fundamental to understanding and implementing effective quality management practices. However, despite the clarity and wisdom embedded in these principles, there appears to be a disconnect between theory and practice in many modern industries.

Lack of Leadership Commitment:

One of the primary reasons for the ineffective application of Deming’s quality thinking is the failure of leadership to fully commit to its principles. Deming emphasized the crucial role of leadership in driving quality improvement, but many organizations continue to prioritize short-term financial gains over long-term quality investments.

Overemphasis on Short-Term Results:

Contemporary business environments often prioritize immediate results and quarterly profits, sidelining the long-term benefits of sustained quality improvement. Deming advocated for a shift from a focus on short-term gains to a commitment to continuous improvement.

Resistance to Change:

Deming’s philosophy encourages organizations to embrace change as a constant and necessary element for improvement. However, the fear of change and resistance to disrupting existing processes are pervasive challenges in many industries.

Inadequate Employee Involvement:

Deming emphasized the importance of empowering employees and fostering a culture of collaboration. However, many organizations still struggle to involve employees at all levels in decision-making processes and quality improvement initiatives.

Misinterpretation of Statistical Methods:

Deming stressed the importance of statistical methods for understanding and improving processes. However, in many cases, statistical tools are misused or misunderstood, leading to flawed interpretations and misguided improvement efforts.


The persistent gap between Deming’s visionary quality principles and their application in contemporary industry raises critical questions about the priorities and practices within organizations. Overcoming these challenges requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture, leadership commitment, and a genuine embrace of Deming’s holistic approach to quality management.

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