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Who we are & how we do it

Established in 1993, S A Partners is a leading global provider of consulting and training services for Enterprise Excellence, Lean and Continuous Improvement. With a Head Office near Cardiff, UK, and established businesses in Ireland, Australia and the USA, we are dedicated to helping organisations around the world improve their performance by working to Lean principles. The S A Partners brand promise, ‘Together the Power to Improve’, embodies our collaborative working approach towards delivering organisational results for your business.

It was established in 1993 by Prof. Peter Hines whilst he was still active in the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University. His role as Director of LERC enabled him to network with many highly influential figures in the burgeoning lean community of the time, and to participate in a number of highly innovative and leading-edge research programmes. The foundation of S A Partners allowed Peter to build on this and play an active and practical role in working directly with businesses and their sustainable lean journeys.

What’s in a name?
Why S A Partners and not PH Consulting? Peter set the business up with the explicit intention of making it a legacy business – owned by the people who work in the business. The business was thus established as a partnership and has developed a succession planning process that ensures there is always a healthy supply of partners operating in the business.

Why S A? Originally SA Partners worked for large inward investors across the UK, these investors often identified key issues in their supply chain so Peter set about developing Supplier Associations to improve this service – hence S A Partners.

Improvement is experiential – to understand it you have to experience it. The S A Partners consultancy business enabled him to ‘go native’ and explore and understand lean practice in detail and in depth. It continues to do so to this day.

Transform your organisation

We transform organisations though a blend of our consulting skill and structured offerings. [View more…]

Assess – We assess your current situation and build structured roadmaps for your improvement journey. Whether you’re in a reactive phase, a proactive phase or an excellence phase.

Train – We run structured training programmes accredited by universities and supported by partner companies. This enables your front line, middle leaders and senior managers to work the best they can.

Coach – Part of the training delivery is also to coach the application under that new knowledge in the workplace. Our qualified coaches can work with you to help make your business better.

Solve – To help solve your complex issues we have experienced practitioners who can lead change and act as full time or part time members of your management team.

Transform Model
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Organisational Transformation
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Leadership Development
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Systems Excellence Consulting
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Improvement Coach Programmes
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 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

Find out how we can support your Leadership & Continuous Improvement Programmes.

Systems Consulting

Systems Consulting

Supporting your organisation to achieve Enterprise Excellence.

Latest Resources

Latest Resources

S A Partners continues to invest in industry research to support our customers.

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Supporting your learning Journey - delivering workshops and Shingo Prize guidance