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Toni Whitehead

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I have been with S A Partners since 2010. Prior to this I had a successful career with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) where I worked across a number of equipment and platform Integrated Project Teams as a Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager and Business Integration Manager – pulling together Financial, Commercial, Engineering and Supply teams.  Later, I moved into more strategic programme management roles for high profile transformational change projects in both helicopter and ships’ support, working with joint MoD and Industry teams on multi-million pound programmes.  My final MoD role was as an internal continuous improvement consultant.

During a career break between 2005-2009 I successfully completed a research PhD in regional economic development and the investigation of supply chain voids in the Welsh economy.  The key contribution of the study relates to the formulation of a regional economic development strategy for sectors important to the Welsh economy and pilot testing its deployment in three priority sectors.

I have a Masters’ Degree in Lean Supply Chain Management and a Professional Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management.

First and fore-most I am a ‘detail person’ and ‘completer finisher’ so Programme Management is a passion.  I enjoy volume and variety – so keeping busy, working with different people and clients, on different projects/assignments, across different sectors is really interesting and exciting.   I coach delegates on our Leadership Development Programmes and work on the design, delivery, accreditation & certification services on our Graduate, Leadership and Improvement Coach Programmes with UK and international clients.

I joined S A Partners as the Knowledge Manager.  I am now an accredited and certified Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Global.  I am a life-long learner and continue to develop through training (Soundwave Practitioner, Blanchard Situational Leadership (SL II),  Coaching and Mentoring.  Practical experience in coaching and mentoring candidates on Leadership and Improvement Coach programmes.  I provide Cardiff University Lean Competency System assessment and accreditation services to multiple sectors/organisations and national cultures.  I also have considerable skills and practical experience in web site development, content management, Editorial Strategy & Planning, Business Development Strategy and Planning, Market Research, Sector business development strategies, digital marketing strategies, HR & Recruitment, IIP, managing our Intellectual Property portfolio, Tender & Bid coordination, the list goes on…………  I have ‘range’ (see David Epstein book ‘Range’, 2019).

Since joining S A Partners, I have worked with clients in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, USA, Middle East, China, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.  These are from Automotive, Life Sciences, Food & Drink, Financial Services, Utilities, Recycling & Waste Management, Creative Industries.  Generally, I am told that I work hard, am selfless and helpful to others, responsive to customer specific needs, supportive, generate or provide insight as part of coaching and mentoring engagements and value added feedback on assessment and accreditation portfolios – these help individuals improve personal and business performance.

I won an award from colleagues at S A Partners ‘recognised for outstanding behavior and performance’.

Client feedback includes:

  • Thanks so much for a really enjoyable and beneficial course. I’ve learnt a great deal through both the course and the coursework.  I’ve still a lot to learn but the course has pointed me in the right direction and equipped me with new tools and approaches that I otherwise would not have known about or known how to fully utilise.  Personally I’d like to thank you for your availability and patience in guiding me through this course’.   (Achieved Master Black Belt certification).
  • The 121 coaching sessions were great, as I could discuss what is going on with somebody who isn’t biased. Listening to your experiences, helping me come up with ideas on how I can improve my performance, as well as performance within the team. My confidence grew and you encouraged me to meet up with other people within the business, which I have done. I am part of working groups now, which gives me the opportunity to have my say and make changes happen. I am more comfortable managing a team and having difficult conversations. Performance in the team has definitely improved and my productivity / working hours is a lot better, since I have put a structure in place. This is still ongoing.
  • You have a way of coaching which brings me to recognise the way forward for myself.   This has been really helpful in building my confidence.
  • I believe Toni’s coaching technique was very well aligned to my own preferences of being coached. I have recognised this and utilised these techniques with individuals in my team. This has led to more meaningful conversations with my team members. I also recognise that my approach needs to change depending on the individuals ability, confidence and preferences.
  • For me your assertiveness and listening skills were key in all of this. Without your gentle guidance and supportive comments I don’t think I would of enjoyed this leadership programme half as much as I did! Thank you!

‘Range’, diversity, programme/’system’ integration and management.  Listening and asking questions in coaching/mentoring interventions.  Communications & Stakeholder management.  Change Management.  Knowledge and application of Lean/CI and ‘systems thinking’.

An adaptable one!  Coach, Mentor, Consultant.  Business/market research/analyst, Programme Manager for internal strategic projects.  For Leadership/Improvement Coach programmes – design of training and coaching programmes.  Assessment, Accreditation & Certification Services for the Cardiff University Lean Competency System.

I am increasingly becoming hooked on yoga and tying myself into knots!

I live half-way up a mountain on the outskirts of Brecon, Mid Wales.  Quite a wild and weathered environment.  I enjoy gardening on a mountain site, walking in the Brecon Beacons, Canal-sides and Rivers as outdoor hobbies.  Food festivals, such as Abergavenny are a treat.  My husband and I enjoy travelling – mostly to Europe – I love Italy and rural Spain.

I am a massive music fan and listen to a variety of genres – for example, I am passionate about Italian Opera, 70’s punk and Northern Soul! 


I am a Director of the Management Company where we live – responsible for the grounds maintenance and the custodianship of the old farm pond and its wildlife habitat for current and future generations.   

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