image of Peter Hines in a workshop

Prof. Peter Hines Masterclass

May 29, 2018, Various locations, UK & Ireland
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Shingo Training, Discover Excellence

June 12, 2018, Boston Scientific,Ireland
Lean Leadership workshop

Lean Leadership

June 14, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand
Management Training Lean

Lean Leadership

June 18, 2018, Sydney, Australia
SHINGO Enable Workshop

Shingo Cultural Enablers

June 19, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand
Shingo Discover Excellence event

Shingo Discover Excellence, Utah

June 19, 2018, Utah, Richmond USA
CI Coaching for Leaders 20 21 June 18 Event

CI Coaching for Leaders

June 20, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand
LEAN Practitioner

Lean Practitioner (LCS 1b) 4 Day Workshop Sydney

August 13, 2018, Sydney, Australia

Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

October 16, 2018, Sydney, Australia

Shingo Continuous Improvement Workshop

October 29, 2018, Countdown. Auckland, New Zealand

Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

November 19, 2018, Adelaide, Australia
Shingo Discover Brisbane

Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

March 11, 2019, Adelaide, Australia
Management Training in Lean CI

Lean Leadership

April 15, 2019, Adelaide, Australia