Colin Scott

President S A Partners Inc,

I have been with SA Partners since 2013, prior to this I worked as MD/CEO in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors with a short spell in the Public Sector. I got to know S A Partners when they were commissioned to support a Global Lean initiative and as CEO at the time, I experienced both sides of the coin. I am a Chartered Engineer – with a 1st Class BEng degree in Manufacturing Systems.

A Master Lean Coach who was principally lean trained in Japan by Kawasaki and fully Shingo qualified in August 2017.  My most important qualification is that I worked from the shop floor as a 16 year old apprentice fitter to the Board room as a CEO – stacks of knowledge gained during this journey that enables me to work with clients at all levels using a familiar common language of understanding and experience.

I am a people focussed, practical bloke but with a strategic mindset and outlook. I enjoy seeing the fruits of challenging work, “if it was easy it would not be worth doing it”.  A big believer in the fact that the only thing you can increase the value of in a business is its people. I enjoy working with different organisations across the UK, Europe and North America and love the challenge of changing a business culture.

I have always been eager to learn and never felt like I know it all – every time I get the chance I do a little reflection – what could I have done better, what went well and what did not, “a bit of self CI”. I have enhanced the methods I used in my managerial career and honed my expertise around Shingo, TPM, Large Scale Lean Implementation Programs and Policy Deployment. There are some great Sensei’s at SA Partners and I am keen to continue to learn from them all.

I have worked in the UK, North America, Southern Ireland, France and Italy across many sectors including, Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Electronic, Heavy Truck, Pharmaceutical, Glass and Re-cycling; being engaged by over 20 different clients. I have had to wear many different hats (literally) and some very fancy overalls on occasion. You would have to ask clients what they think of me the best barometer I have is that I am always welcomed back and never turned away.

I am a Partner and I currently head up the expansion of our business into North America – primarily the USA, where I will be responsible for developing our footprint, capacity and capabilities over the next few years.

I have a great family and we all support each other in what we want to do. I enjoy being outdoors and I am an avid football fan. I like socialising, I`m a great BBQ cook (if I say so myself) and I love to watch live entertainment whenever I get the chance.

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