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Financial Services & Insurance

S A PARTNERS works with organisations in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors to support them develop capability in Continuous Improvement, Leadership and Enterprise Excellence.  Our aim is to help you make your business better by supporting your Purpose, developing your People and helping you create world class Processes. You can view all the testimonials and case studies by going to the Financial & Insurance Services Resources page.

We support our clients deliver practical and positive change enabling them to improve customer satisfaction, profitability and employee well-being. We help you create a culture of continuous improvement.  Our tried and tested approach to continuous improvement offers a realistic and sustainable method to drive best practice and effect cultural change. 

What is a culture of Continuous Improvement? 

Building a culture of continuous improvement means that everyone in the business is committed to working to improve every aspect of the business on a daily basis. This is not done through large scale transformation programmes but by continuous improvement and every day problem solving that combined together enables the organization to achieve sustainable Enterprise Excellence and agility. 

Why is a culture of Continuous improvement beneficial? 

When organisations have developed a Continuous Improvement ‘Habit’ they are able to respond to new challenges more effectively, improve every day, and deliver incredible business results.  The business systems that underpin continuous improvement allow organisations to be flexible and grow whilst maintaining a focus on the customer and their regulatory obligations.  Employees are more engaged and teams become high performing.  

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Insights from Keivan Zokaei, Sector Head

Over the last year organisations have made significant progress in their adoption of technology platforms – for meetings; training reporting; collaboration and visual management.  A change has happened due to a black swan event that has in many cases caused a monumental shift in adoption and in many cases significant process improvements.  The question is, will this change be sustained and is it driving the right behaviours within your business.


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Embedding a culture of continuous improvement is at the heart of creating a world-class company. Striving for Enterprise Excellence enables companies to develop the work systems, skills and capabilities and behaviors that will deliver sustainable change and ideal results.


Business Transformation at one of the fastest growing  FINTECH companies in the world – CARNE Group

Listen in to our webinar on how CARNE Group have developed and deployed a cultural transformation and Enterprise Excellence programme.

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IFS Skillnet

S A Partners is approved to work in association with IFS Skillnet for Irish Financial Services businesses. Please contact Megan James at if you would like to discuss training and funding options.

IFS Skillnet is a Skillnet Ireland funded learning network responsible for upskilling employees in the international financial services sector (IFS). Membership is open to all companies operating in the area of internationally traded financial services and companies who provide IT, Legal, Accounting and Business Consulting to the sector.

 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

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Systems Consulting

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Latest Resources

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Events & Workshops

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