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Our aim is to make your business better by supporting your Purpose, developing your People and helping you create world class Processes.

Your Challenges?

We are here to help if you are facing these challenges:

  • Poor customer satisfaction due to long lead-times and slow response
  • Unnecessarily complex operating model
  • Unnecessarily complex systems and processes
  • Eroding margins due to intrusive regulations and hefty fines
  • Poor employee satisfaction and losing talent
  • Slowness in turning ideas into practice
  • Lack of focus in day-to-day operating of your business

How we help?

We enable our clients to deliver practical and positive change leading to significant boost in customer satisfaction, employee well-being and profitability. Our Unique Selling Point is to work together with our clients to give them the power to improve, organically. We create change with clients, rather than applying change to them. This is all about creating a culture of continuous improvement and our approach focuses on striking the ever-important harmony between your people, your processes and your purpose.

It’s notable that whilst large scale transformation programmes present initial gains, they are often highly disruptive and often fail to drive a sustainable change in working practices, principles and behaviours required. Our Continuous Improvement approach offers a realistic and sustainable alternative method to drive the best practice and cultural change which is much needed within the FS sector.

What do you mean by a culture of continuous improvement?

Building a culture of continuous improvement means that everyone in the business is committed to working to improve every aspect of the business on a daily basis. This is not done through large scale transformation programmes but by continuous improvement and every day problem solving that summed together enables the organization to achieve sustainable Enterprise Excellence and agility.

Why is a culture of continuous improvement beneficial for the business?

It is said that 80% of change and transformation initiatives fail in the first couple of years. Often this is blamed on the tools or that it was the wrong approach. In reality it’s because a culture of CI and the systems to support it have not been created, making it unsustainable. We work with businesses to ensure that the systems are in place to ensure the business is continually improving to enable business growth and react to market requirements.

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S A Partners is approved to work in association with IFS Skillnet for Irish Financial Services businesses. Please contact Megan James at if you would like to discuss training and funding options.

IFS Skillnet is a Skillnet Ireland funded learning network responsible for upskilling employees in the international financial services sector (IFS). Membership is open to all companies operating in the area of internationally traded financial services and companies who provide IT, Legal, Accounting and Business Consulting to the sector.

How do we do that?

Transform your organisation

We transform organisations though a blend of our consulting skill and structured offerings. [View more…]

Assess – We assess your current situation and build structured roadmaps for your improvement journey. Whether you’re in a reactive phase, a proactive phase or an excellence phase.

Transform Model

Solve – To help solve your complex issues we have experienced practitioners who can lead change and act as full time or part time members of your management team.

Train – We run structured training programmes accredited by universities and supported by partner companies. This enables your front line, middle leaders and senior managers to work the best they can.

Coach – Part of the training delivery is also to coach the application under that new knowledge in the workplace. Our qualified coaches can work with you to help make your business better.

We use a model for achieving Enterprise Excellence. At the heart of the Enterprise Excellence Model is CUSTOMER RESULTS which is an outcome of having an Engaging PURPOSE, with well aligned PROCESSES that are continuously improved by motivated and competent PEOPLE.

enterprise excellence

4 + 1: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services

4 + 1 book coverThe authors combine their seventy years of collective experience in Lean and business improvement to present 5 basic habits to the reader that are easy to learn yet take years to master.
A culture of continuous improvement in your organisation will start to develop almost as soon as the habits are applied and continue to mature as they are mastered.

Shingo Institute Interview Chris Butterworth

lean financial services presentation by chris butterworthChris Butterworth has recently been helping the Shingo Institute by writing and editing the book Enterprise Alignment and Results which will be available next year.  This book is the second in the series that the Shingo Institute will be releasing, with the first one released being Discover Excellence.

Product Development in Credit Insurance

This case study looks at Coface strategy, and how they wanted to grow its business volume.

Enterprise Excellence

This banking institution embarked upon a focused continuous improvement programme aimed at working towards Enterprise Excellence.

Commonwealth Bank

Embedding Productivity as a Way of Life in the organisation

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