Leader Standard Work, all levels leading

Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work, what is the system going to achieve?

Leader Standard Work is about accountable, consistent, repeatable leadership at all levels in the organisation.

How will this be achieved?

  • Leader Standard Work is about developing appropriate leadership skills across the leader, manager and associate communities.
  • Develop frequencies, meeting and review structures to ensure each meeting creates a decision.
  • Create a structured leadership system and rhythm around improvement.
  • Developing a team approach to improvement through conversations about the workplace at the workplace.

Why would you do this?

  • Provide structure around how the organisation is improved and realise the full potential of the leadership group.
leader standard work table
leader standard work showing members of team discussing the board

Here we have some attendee feedback of the S A Partners Shingo Discover Excellence workshop, with this one held at Shingo Medallion winners Vale.

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Student Feedback from the Shingo Discover Excellence workshop

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