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Lean Improvement at Cranswick Plc

Cranswick Plc is a multi award winning company which started back in the 1970’s from a group of farmers who were inspired by the simple idea – you get what you put in.

Today, Cranswick are one of the largest food producers in Britain with around 5000 employees.

Employee engagement is a fundamental element of Cranswick plc’s operational strategy, helping their staff to understand the link between their job role and the purposes and objectives of the organisation. Employee engagement is a critical process in underpinning the overall profitability and performance of the business, and an essential part of sustainable continuous improvement.

The company over the last 5 years has:

Increased revenue by 34%
Increased pre-tax profit by 37%
Increased dividend share by 36%
Increased exports by 1,279%

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