Shingo Prize and our Shingo Heritage

group of Shingo winners being given their awards

The Shingo Prize was created twenty-five years ago, at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business of Utah State University as a way to recognise great organisations and to set a standard toward which the world may aspire. It is now globally recognised as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence. During this journey, the Shingo Institute has experienced and learned many valuable and powerful things. This has given them a greater understanding of what is required for organisations to achieve lasting, sustainable results. In 2013 the Shingo Institute formed a collaborative partnership with S A Partners to bring this knowledge to a wider global audience. Since then, S A Partners has been helping to update and improve Shingo related courses and the consulting support activities offered to organisations.

The Shingo Prize

The Shingo Prize is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a culture where the principles of Enterprise Exellence are deeply embedded into the thinking and behaviour of all leaders, managers, and associates. Performance is measured both in terms of business results and the degree to which business, management, and work systems are driving ideal behaviour at all levels. Leadership is beginning to focus on ensuring that principles of Enterprise Excellence are deeply imbedded into the culture and regularly assessed for improvement. The Shingo Model is based around 10 Guiding Principles which align the Systems within an organisation and the specific Tools required to produce results.

This support work has involved Professor Peter Hines, Gary Griffiths and Chris Butterworth of S A Partners who are part of a very small global community working with the Shingo Institute on this. It also includes Jon Alder, who has masterminded the achievement of Shingo award winning recognition at 13 global sites, he is also an Emeritus member of the Shingo Advisory Board.

Shingo Discover Excellence principles and models


Download The Shingo Model Handbook, and find out more about developing your own Shingo journey.

Consultancy Support

It is our experience that most organisations wishing to adopt the Shingo Model in their journey to Performance Excellence require some support in terms of:

  • Understanding the Shingo Model
  • Developing a Roadmap to adopt the Shingo Model
  • Coaching the Leadership team
  • Implementing the Roadmap
  • How to challenge for the Shingo Prize

To find how we can help, or if you would like a Shingo Assessment carried out, please contact: Professor Peter Hines.

To develop you own internal capability to challenge for a Shingo Prize and embed the Shingo approach, use the contact form provided.

The real benefit of applying the Shingo approach is the creation of a Culture of Improvement where excellence is achieved through people across the whole organisation and in the whole spectrum of business results.

It is not what you see; it is in what you feel, hear and the positive emotions that you experience in being in such an organisation. It is the way people are respected, led and inspired.

It is not the winning of a Prize but the journey that is key.

Here are a few examples of the tangible benefits that recent Shingo Prize recipients have gained:

Costs Benefit Sample 1

  • Revenue/ person increased by 80% over 4 years.
  • 55% reduction in lead-time in 3 years
  • 23% reduction in inventory.
  • Plant efficiency improved by 30% since 2007.
  • Waste reduced by 20% since 2007.
  • 20% reduction in throughput time since 2011.

Costs Benefit sample 2

  • 81% productivity increase since 2009.
  • Revenue per employee doubled over 4 years.
  • Lead-time reduced from 25 to 10 days in 2 years.
  • OEE at 40% in 2006, 85% in 2013.
  • 31% reduction in direct labour costs over 4 years.
  • EBIT increase of 19% 2011 to 2013.
  • 33% reduction in process lead time.

Safety and Quality


  • 1,268,080 hours without a reportable accident.
  • 950,000 hours without a lost time accident.
  • 0 lost time accidents since 2009.
  • 0 lost time injuries since 2011
  • 0 lost time accidents since 2008.


  • 4.5 ppm 2013.
  • 53% reduction in scarp and rework over 3 years.
  • 64% decrease in customer defects over 3 years.
  • First time pass improved from 25% to 70% in 5 years.
  • 0.96 customer ppm.
  • 33 supplier ppm.
  • 85% reduction in non conformance reports raised over 3 years.
  • 0 recalls in 10 years.

On Time in Full (OTIF) and New Product Introduction (NPI)


  • 95% OTIF in 2013.
  • 28% increase in OTIF since 2011.
  • On time shipments above 99%.
  • OTIF 77% to 97% in 5 years.
  • OTIF 99.91% in last 4 years.
  • Supplier OTIF 98.6% 2013.
  • 100% OTIF last 5 years.


  • 26 new products introduced in one year.
  • NPI from 74% on time to 100% on time within 2 years.

As a licensed affiliate of the Shingo Institute we can provide consultancy advice and accredited training programmes that enable an organisation to understand where they are in relation to the Shingo model and what they need to do to work towards its standards.

What is the purpose of the Shingo Prize Assessment?

To create an understanding of how your organisation aligns to the principles of Enterprise Excellence.

It will also develop a customised roadmap that will enable you to move closer to Enterprise Excellence through the development of Ideal Behaviours.

How will we carry out the Shingo Assessment?

Working with your Senior Leaders, Programme Managers and Improvement team, delivered through a 5 day on site workshop.

Shingo assessment schedule
image of graph and Shingo model
Shingo Excellence Assessment Chart

S A Partners as a licensed affiliate of the Shingo Institute are delighted to offer the accredited  5 educational courses.

We have been lucky enough to be awarded two Shingo research prizes ourselves for our publications Staying Lean and  Creating a Lean and Green Business System.

All of our trainers and consultants are fully trained by the Shingo Institute.

We are able to conduct workshops at both your site or at open public workshops.

We have access to best practice sites, case studies and supporting materials that have enabled successful challenges by our clients.

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Below is our list of publications that have been awarded a Shingo prize for excellence.

Staying Lean, Thriving not just Surviving

Staying Lean Thriving Not Just Surviving

Staying Lean: Thriving, not just surviving, is a Shingo Prize winning publication for Operational Excellence, in the Research and Professional Publication category. The book draws on the story of a multi-national company that has successfully implemented Lean in its manufacturing and commercial areas to help turnaround the organisation s financial performance.

Creating a Lean & Green Business System

Creating A Lean And Green Business SystemCreating a Lean and Green Business System: Techniques for Improving Profits and Sustainability. Another Shingo Prize winning book which offers opportunities for innovation that can simultaneously reduce dependence on natural resources and enhance global prosperity. It explores less understood aspects of lean and green – discussing their evolution independently as well as the opportunities that exist in their integration, highlighting the importance of a cultural shift across the whole company.

The Routledge Companion to Lean Management

book cover showing rowers on a riverThe Routledge Companion to Lean Management, is a 2017 Shingo Prize winning publication for Operational Excellence, in the Research Award Category. Contained within it are two chapters co-authored by S A Partner’s Professor Peter Hines and Dr Keivan Zokaei, respectively on ‘Lean Armed Forces’ and ‘Lean and Green’.

S A Partners clients who have been awarded a Shingo Prize for Excellence

Long standing client, Vale, recieve Shingo Award

shingo gorup photo of Vale winnersVale were the first UK Company to be awarded the prize in 25 years with just one other European company being previously recognised. Simon Grogan, S A Partners MD for Europe who’s worked closely with the company, said that “it’s a fantastic reward for the hard work Vale and S A Partners have been putting in together over the last few years”.

First Shingo Prize awarded to a financial team

shingo award and image of CBA logoBeing an affiliate of the Shingo Institute, S A Partners are pleased to announce that a team within the Direct Channels Division at the Common Wealth Bank of Australia (CBA) have become the first ever financial team to reach Shingo Silver Medallion status from the Shingo Institute.

Webinar: Introduction to the Shingo approach

In this half hour introductory webinar, Prof. Peter Hines talks about Shingo, and how you create a sustainable system of improvement.  With polls, and survey findings, it delivers a very informative summary of what Shingo  is, and how it works in an organisation.

Webinar: Navigating the Enterprise Excellence Journey using Shingo as a Guide

This webinar was hosted by Prof. Peter Hines and presented by Jon Alder, and covers Enterprise Excellence, showing how Shingo can be used as a guide towards this goal.

Webinar: How to win a Shingo Prize

In this FREE to view webinar recording, Jon Alder talks at length about his journey taking Rexam, a global multi site organisation, through to the Shingo prize. He talks about his experience along the way, and how you create a sustainable system of improvement aligned to the Shingo approach.

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