Our Team

Ailsa Carson
Partner -Group Marketing & Events Manager
About Ailsa Carson

Ailsa is Group Marketing & Events Manager, and is responsible for the development and delivery of our global events programme

image of alex everitt
Alex Everitt
About Alex Everitt

Alex provides marketing, graphic design and videography support to the Consultancy and Academy teams, enabling them to develop engaging and thought-provoking materials.

Andy Brunskill
About Andy Brunskill

Andy is a Partner and specialises in the development and deployment of Operational Excellence Programmes.

Image of Armin
Armin Gruber
Principle Consultant
About Armin Gruber

Armin is a principle consultant, and is a chartered graduate engineer and has previously held senior leadership positions in Manufacturing, including Plant Manager, CEO, Group CTO.

Arturo Caraveo
Senior Consultant
About Arturo Caraveo

Senior Consultant in Continuous Improvement Lean & Culture Change

Brad Jeavons
About Brad Jeavons

Brad Jeavons is an organisation improvement leader who helps organisations improve and achieve Enterprise Excellence using today's best practices.

Brian Golden
About Brian Golden

Brian’s major passion is delivery of “Competitiveness through Operations” for clients and customers.

Brian Hatter
About Brian Hatter

Over the course of his 35-year career, Brian has served in a multitude of senior leadership roles primarily within two companies Textron and Ingersoll Rand.

Byron Lear
About Byron Lear

As part of the S A Partners Academy team, Byron supports our clients with training in Leadership, Lean and Continuous Improvement.

Chelsea Gustafson
About Chelsea Gustafson

Chelsea has 10+ years of experience in Manufacturing and Chemical Engineering

Christopher Wright
About Christopher Wright

Chris has over 25 years experience and is an internationally experienced consultant who supports multi site companies with the deployment of Operational excellence and certified training programmes.

Clare Pryce
Finance Manager
About Clare Pryce

Clare is our Group Financial Manager supporting our teams globally.

Colin Scott
Partner - President S A Partners Inc
About Colin Scott

Colin is the President of the US business – S A Partners Inc. and supports a number of our international clients, at a strategic level, with the development and deployment of Enterprise Excellence programmes.

Conor Dawson
Head of Ireland region
About Conor Dawson

Conor is a Senior Consultant with our European Team

Dr Donna Samuel
Head of Lean Academy
About Dr Donna Samuel

Donna is part of the S A Partner Academy team and supports our clients with coaching, mentoring and accredited training programmes.

Dr Keivan Zokaei
Partner: Head of Financial Services
About Dr Keivan Zokaei

Keivan is a lean thinking expert, consultant and a published author. Keivan regularly advises C-suite executives at global companies and has led transformation projects in Service, FMCG and Manufacturing industries.

Dr Toni Whitehead
About Dr Toni Whitehead

Toni Whitehead supports our clients with coaching, mentoring and training. Toni specialises in the development and delivery of our Leadership and Improvement Coach programmes and is works closely with the University of Cardiff Lean Competency Centre as an assessor. 

Dr. Bryan Cutliff, PsyD, FACHE
About Dr. Bryan Cutliff, PsyD, FACHE

Bryan joined SA Partners in June of 2021 as a Senior Consultant and is responsible for overseeing the leadership programs, as well as the healthcare sector, within the company’s US subsidiary.

Egbert Boersa
Principal Consultant
About Egbert Boersa

Egbert has spent many years deploying Lean Thinking across large international corporations and has had a lead role in building Lean academies and developing coaches.

Eric van der Meulen
About Eric van der Meulen

As consultant, Eric worked on projects with SMEs in IT, HR, accounting, marketing, production, quality, compliance.

Eric Waller
Senior Consultant
About Eric Waller

Eric has 25 years of experience of experience primarily in Aerospace, Renewables, and Automotive

Garry Corbet
Partner: CEO of Europe
About Garry Corbet

Garry has over 10 years experience working in continuous improvement using Lean principals and has held several senior leadership roles prior to joining SA Partners. 

Gary Griffiths
Senior Partner
About Gary Griffiths

Gary is Partner and Managing Consultant and supports multi-site companies around the world with the development and deployment of Enterprise Excellence Programmes, & co-author of Staying Lean: Thriving not just Surviving’

George Potamianakis
Senior Consultant
About George Potamianakis

George has 20 years' experience working directly with organisations to implement process improvement programs, deliver projects, manage teams, facilitate workshops, plus provide training and coaching.

Gina Liebe
Business Development Manager DACH & Consultant
About Gina Liebe

Gina is a Business Development Manager DACH & Consultant

image of Ishan Sellahewa
Ishan Sellahewa
About Ishan Sellahewa

Ishan has expertise in helping clients use technology to achieve their goals.

Mark Fillingham
J Mark Fillingham
Senior Partner
About J Mark Fillingham

Mark is a Senior Partner and Programme Manager and specialises in coaching and mentoring at an Executive Level.

Jack Worboys
About Jack Worboys

As part of the team, Jack is building on his TPM & Management Systems experience as well as bringing technical analysis and process automation skills to the table to help deliver sustainable improvement to our clients.

Jeff Williams
Senior Partner: Business Development Director
About Jeff Williams

Jeff has extensive experience across many Sectors, including Financial services and Food. Jeff joined S A Partners in 1999 after many years working in industry.

face image of Jim Brydon
Jim Brydon
Event Manager
About Jim Brydon

Jim joined S A Partners in 2020 as part of our Marketing and Events Team.

Jim Mikulski
About Jim Mikulski

Jim is a Partner in our US Team supporting clients with Enterprise Excellence, Improvement Skills, Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM), and Change Leadership.

Jocelyn Fleet
About Jocelyn Fleet

Jocelyn is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, a qualified train-the-trainer, holds a BA in Business Management and is currently completing and MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting.

John Miller
About John Miller

John is a Consultant within our European Team supporting businesses with Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Excellence

John Quirke
Senior Partner: Head of the Life Sciences & Health Sector
About John Quirke

John Quirke is a Senior Partner and Head of the Life Sciences & Health Sector, he also supports both the US and European Business Development Team.

Jordan Squire
Creative Projects Manager
About Jordan Squire

Jordan is responsible for the Groups social media and also the development of our creative assets.

Juliette Packham
Partner: Head of Learning & Development
About Juliette Packham

Juliette has been a consultant with S A Partners since 2005, prior to this she enjoyed a successful career within the Automotive Industry.

Kenneth Wisinski
About Kenneth Wisinski

Ken is a Partner supporting our clients with their Enterprise Excellence programmes; Shingo Training; TPM and Continuous Improvement training.

Kevin Bell
European Key Account Development Director
About Kevin Bell

Kevin is a European Key Account Development Director

Kevin Phelan
Senior Consultant
About Kevin Phelan

Kevin is a Senior Consultant with our European operations

Laura Bullen
Senior Finance Associate
About Laura Bullen

Laura is part of our Central Services Finance Team

Laurence Garric
Principal Consultant
About Laurence Garric

Laurence has worked with S A Partners since 2024 and has a range of skills and experience in Industry

Lee King
Business Support & Finance Co-ordinator
About Lee King

A key member of the S A Partners dynamic Finance Team.

Lisa Taylor
Business Analyst
About Lisa Taylor

Lisa is a Business Analyst within our Central Finance Team

Lorcan Carroll
Associate Consultant
About Lorcan Carroll

Lorcan is an Associate Consultant within our European team supporting companies with Shingo; Lean, Six Sigma and Opex

Maria Penaloza Coupland
About Maria Penaloza Coupland

Maria works as a Consultant within our US team covering South America.  She has extensive experience in the public and private sectors where she has helped develop leaders create engagement with their teams. 

Mark Taylor
Chief Operating Officer for S A Partners in APAC
About Mark Taylor

As a leading advisor to Boards and senior management for over 30 years, Mark has successfully driven Leadership and Continuous Improvement programs across government and large corporations throughout Australia, SE Asia, Europe and Middle East.

Martin Reese
Digital Services Manager
About Martin Reese

Martin has worked in a disparate array of sectors which has included government, tourism, retail, manufacturing and construction, helping them meet the challenges and differing requirements and targets from their on-line presence and digital services.

Mat Jackson
Senior Consultant
About Mat Jackson

Mat is a Senior Consultant within the UK and European Team supporting clients with strategy development and deployment.

Matthew Scott
Project Manager
About Matthew Scott

Matthew works in our US Team supporting project management and delivery.

Megan James
Business Development Manager
About Megan James

I joined S A Partners bringing a commercial background in business development, account management, marketing and business operations to the team. Following 5 years building and managing global Lean and Six Sigma events, I’ve focused my career within Lean and Process Improvement consulting.

Michael Kennedy
Principal Consultant
About Michael Kennedy

Michael has worked with S A Partners since 2024 and has a range of skills and experience in Industry

Nick Davis
About Nick Davis

Nick is a Certified Lean Sigma Master Black Belt, Chartered Engineer and Fellow in Manufacturing Management with over 30 years of operational & consulting experience within a wide range of industry sectors. 

Nik Taylor
About Nik Taylor

Nik is a consultant specialising in TPM who earned his degree in supply chain management from the university of South Wales.

Noel Hennessy
Senior Associate
About Noel Hennessy

Dr Noel Hennessy is a key part of our Shingo & Operational Excellence team both within Europe and Globally

Phil Spooner
About Phil Spooner

Phil is Sector Head for Process Industries and specialises in the development and deployment of Enterprise Excellence Programmes across multi-site organisations.

Rachel Doyle
About Rachel Doyle

Rachel is a Senior Consultant in the UK Team

Richard Lynch
Senior Partner: Operations Director
About Richard Lynch

Richard has over 15 years experience working with clients across the retail and distribution sectors. He has also worked in Automotive, Food, Financial Service, Engineering and the Public Sector. 

Richard Young
Partner: Head of our Australia & NZ team
About Richard Young

Richard is a Senior Partner within the S A Partners organisation and is currently the CEO for our APAC region.  He holds a Masters in Engineering alongside his C.Eng. He is a certified LCS Level 3 LSS MBB and a certified Shingo Facilitator, Master Trainer and Alumni.

Rick Guba
Senior Consultant
About Rick Guba

Richard is a Senior Consultant, a Shingo Facilitator and Leadership Consultant with our US Division

Robin Jaques
Senior Partner: Head of Aerospace & Defence
About Robin Jaques

He joined S A Partners in 2000 and supports customers globally within a range of sectors including Manufacturing; Retail; Aerospace, Defence and Distribution.  His passion is for developing sustainable Enterprise Excellence programmes and understanding how companies can connect and engage with their employees.  

Simon Grogan
Managing Director
About Simon Grogan

Simon supports a number of our international clients at a strategic level, with the development and deployment of Enterprise Excellence programmes.  He is also a mentor and coach to a range of senior industry leaders, supporting them to develop their leadership skills. 

image of sonja
Sonja Allen
About Sonja Allen

Sonja is a Consultant & part of our Learning & Development Team, she is also a Soundwave Master Practitioner

Steve Baker
Senior Associate
About Steve Baker

Steve is one of our Senior Partners and works with our customers on the development and deployment of Lean transformation programmes. 

Tom Finn
About Tom Finn

Tom holds a Masters in Lean Enterprise Excellence (Lean Black Belt), a BSc in Quality Management and Technology from IT Sligo, BEng in Mechatronics from IT Sligo.